Ayurveda aspect of Sweating (Sweda) Sweda (Sweat) is the waste product of medho dhatu (adipose / fat tissue) and seat of Pitta dosha. Naturally in excess accumulation of fat in the body, the sweat is increased. When Pitta is aggravated the bo...

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Panchakarma therapy


Pancha means five and Karma refers to therapy. As these five therapies for bio-purification of the body so they are collectively known as Pancha karma (Penta bio-purification therapy). The five bio-purification measures are Vamana (Emetic Th...

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Ayurveda Training


Ayurveda is the science of life, which deal with the wholesome aspect of your life i.e body, mind and soul. It is the oldest health-care system in the world and it combines with the profound thoughts of medicine and philosophy. Ayurveda study is...

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Dear Doctors I wanted to say that have studied in Jaipur, was the experience of my life. I think it...read more

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Ayurvedic Interpretation Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cause and Pathogenesis of Amavata Vata is responsible for all the sensory and motor activities of the body. With advancing age or other precipitating factors Vata gets aggravated causing degenerative changes in joints and body, leading to dryness, pain, swelling and difficulty in movement. Aggravation of Vata dosha and accumulation of Ama (Metaboli ... read more



Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse healing properties. It is regarded in Ayurveda as a kind of “elixir of life” and believed to promote longevity. Tulsi has its own religious importance. The Tulsi Manas mandir at Varanasi is one such famous temple, where Tulsi is worshi ... read more

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