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Anantmool (Hemidismus indica)




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Herb Powder     (225 g./0.5 LB)      13.49

Herb powder       (450g/1 LB)      22.95

Herb powder     (900g.2.00 LB)         43.95   
Capsules (60)


Capsules (120)


                      Certified Organic Anantmool

Certified Organic powder (225g. /0.5 LB)


Certified Organic powder

(450 g./1.00 LB)


Certified Organic powder

(900g./2.00 LB)


60 (Cap.) 16.95

120 (Cap.) 31.95

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Skin: Clear heat and inflammation from the skin- used in eczema, erisepylis, psoriasis, urticaria from heat and aggravated pitta. It ‘cleans’ the blood, stops itching and reduces supperation. The root powder is used to treat STDs that are damp and hot.

: Urinary infections with dark red, cloudy, painful urination; cystitis, urethritis, kidney infections, prostatitis.

: Its alterative and purificatory nature extends to the mind, hence its use in disturbed, angry or irritated emotions from high pitta aggravating the equilibrium of the mind. It reduces vata indirectly by calming the flames of pitta.


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