Haritaki Tablet

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Herb Powder     (225 g./0.5 LB) 14.49
Herb powder       (450g/1 LB) 24.95
Herb powder     (900g.2.00 LB) 46.95
Capsules (60) 12.95
Capsules (120) 22.95
Tablet (120 tabs) 12.95
Certified Organic Hritaki
Certified Organic Powder          (225g. /0.5 LB) 15.49
Certified Organic powder (450 g./1.00 LB)  26.95
Certified Organic powder (900g./2.00 LB)  50.95
60 (Cap.)  14.95
120 (Cap.)   27.95
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Product Description

Haritaki Helpful in digestion problems and constipation

Health benefits :

Helps to clean the system, redirect the flow of Vata.
Regularizes and rejuvenates all body functions by clearing malas (impurities) in the body system.
Helps in clarity of mind and relieves foggy mind.
Rejuvenates body and mind.

Contents : Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) powder and Haritaki decoction.

Dose : – 2 tablets twice or thrice daily