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Botanical name – Rubia cordifolia

Family name – Rubiaceae

English name – Common Madder or Indian Madder

Common name – Common Madder

Synonyms – Vikasa, Jingi, Samanga, Kalameshika, Mandookaparni, Bhandiri, Bhandi, Aruna, Rasayani, Gandiri, Bhanditaki, Manjusha.

Habit – Perennial plant.

Useful Parts – Root

Common Uses – Energiser, anti-allergic for skin diseases, digestive, anti-inflammatory for abdominal pains, ulcers and stomachitis. It is a potent blood purifier, anti-leprosy and anti-diarrhoeal. It possesses dry and heavy to digest attributes. Many research suggested that it has anticancer activity, hepato-protective effects, antimicrobial activity, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-stress and no-tropic activities.

Indications – It is used externally as paste in ulcers, burns caused by fire, herpes, oedema. It is used internally in skin disorders, leucoderma, hyper pigmentation, herpes, amenorrhoea, bleeding disorders, diabetes, urolithiasis, disorders related to breast milk and post parturition disorders.

Products description – Manjishtha powder, Manjisthadi Ghana Vati and Acne face pack.