Sesame oil

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Natural Sesame Oil, as is a well known fact, has very high medicinal value. This oil is used for edible purposes as well as physical purposes. The oil is heavily used in massages throughout the world. The ancient Indian massage therapy as used in ayurveda has a very prominent role for sesame oil. The company uses the best oil extraction technology available in the world today.
Sesame oil has a sweet taste and a mild heating quality. It not only tones up the skin and improves the complexion, it relieves stress and strain. It also increases body energy and strength.
The sesame oil has unique benefits, and one can gain appreciation for the skin improvements under its heavy influence. It is best to warm the oils before applying them, so that the temperature is comfortable. This is especially important for oils that are intended to invigorate the circulation and relax the muscles. At the end of a massage, a warm wet towel can be pressed onto the skin to help absorb any residual oil.

recommendation use: for massage once in a day.