Vetiveria zizanioides Khus Khus grass
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Botanical name – Vettiveria zizanoides

Family name – Gramineae

English name – Khuskhus grass

Common name – Vetiver

Synonyms Naladam, Mrnaalam, Sevyam, Virabadra, Abhaya

Habit – Perennial tufted grass.

Useful Parts – Layers and roots.

Common Uses – Externally – cool, refrigerant, deodorant, it reduces perspiration. Internally – tonic, strengthener, blood purifier, antipyretic, expectorant andhemostatic. Other medicinal uses of Khus-Khus include ringworm treatment, indigestion and loss of appetite. It is used to treat many skin disorders and is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Indications – Diabetes, fever, burning sensation, fatigue, thirst, body odor, pain, emaciation, intoxication and bleeding disorder.

Products description –It is a main ingredient in Ushir Powder, Sahacharadi Oil and Pitta Tea.