Yashtimadhu Ghana vati

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Yastimadhughan Tablet (120 Tabs)


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Product Description

Yastimadhu ghana vati is an Ayurvedic lozenges

Health benefits-

  • Soothes throat in sore throat and excessive cough.
  • Helps to increase the appetite by facilitating proper evacuation of stools.
  • Improves voice texture and useful in oral and gastric ulcers.
  • Helps in delaying the urge to smoke.

Contents :

  1. Yashtimadhu/liquorice (Glycerrhiza glabra)
  2. Karpur (Cinammomum camphora),
  3. Lavanga (Syzigium aromaticum)
  4. Bibhitaki(Terminalia bellerica)

Dose As per requirement 4-5 tablets daily for chewing.