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100% Natural - Herb Tablets

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1. Agnitundi tablets Indications: The word Agni indicates digestive fire. This formulation is best in severe conditions of unbalanced, or the lack of ,digestive fire. Symptoms such as  indigestion, lack of appetite, colic pain, bulimia, abdominal gas etc. result from the imbalance /lack of a correctly balanced digestive fire. Agnitundi tablets help to correct this condition. $12.00 (120 tabs)

2. Amalaki Tablets Indications: Amalaki is known as the richest natural source of Vitamin C and as an anti-oxident. Interestingly, the Vitamin C in Amalaki stays intact for long time and the temperature and other factors in the system do not harm its potency. This tablet can be taken as regular supplement of Vitamin C. In Ayurveda, it is described as the best fruit plant to contain rejuvenation and anti-aging properties; it can also be taken for maintaining a life long. Moreover, it helps in Amlapitta (acid peptic diseases), peptic ulcers, anemia, constipation and lack of appetite. It is one of the important component of the famous compound – Chyavana Prash and Triphala. $14.30 (120 tabs)

3. Amalaki Rasayana Indications : IIt is prepared by Bhavna (a special processing technique) of fresh Amla juice for 21 times so it becomes very potent. $19.95 (60 caps.)

4. Arogya Vardhini Indications: The word Arogya means good health and Vardhini means improver, so the formulation which improves good health is known as Arogyavardhini. It is used in all the three Dosha imbalances. More specifically, it is used for Kustha (leprosy & other skin diseases), fever, edema, obesity, jaundice and other hepatic disorders. It is good for a lack of appetite, indigestion, and irregular bowls. $16.00 (120 tabs)

5. Arjunadi Tablets   $12.90 (120 tabs)

6. Ayushkar Sandhi Care Vati Indications: Frozen shoulder,Sciatica,Effectiv in treating Suffering from and inflammation in the join  $13.95 (120 tabs)

7. Ayushkar Pile Vati Indications: Treating for Suffering from Piles,Fistula. $15.95 (120 tabs)

8. Ashwagandha tablet Indications: Ashwagandha is known as Indian ginseng. It is one of the most potent herbs for rejuvenation, as an anti oxident and and for strength. It can be taken regularly for a long time as a daily supplement. It also helps in anxiety, sleep disorders, dizziness, lack of concentration, stress, to gain weight, pain disorders and Vata, Pitta imbalances. $12.90 (120 tabs)

9. Chandraprabha tablets  Indications:  Chandra is moon in Sanskrit and as the name suggests, this formulation works similar to the Moon which removes darkness at night. This tablet removes toxins from the body without implications of any harsh impact; it is perfectly gentle like the Moon. It is useful for all thee Dosha imbalances. It opens channels and improves the mobility of Doshas. More specifically, it is used for genito-urinary ailments, muscular & joint pain, obesity, and cellulitis. It is a very good Rasayana (rejuvenation) compound. It balances Doshas and increases good strength in body. $17.85 (120 tabs)

10. Chintahar Tablets

Indications : Name itself indicates that Removes Tension. This tablet helps to cope &

continuous exposure to stress, tension Good Supplement for Tension.

$14.95 (120 tabs)

11. Chitrakadi tabs Indications: Chitraka is the name of fire in Sanskrit. This formulation is best for moderate conditions of a lack of digestive fire. It works on  the indigestion, lack of appetite, bulimia, abdominal gas and removes  Ama Dosha, which are due to a lack of fire. The taste of this tablet is delicious, so it produces saliva, creating an appetite. In preparation the herbs are mixed and and fortified with lemon juice for six hours. The tablets are to be made of 250 mg. $11.00 (120 tabs)

12. Daru Haldi Indications : It acts as an appetizer. It acts on productive cough & effective in sore throat. $13.49 (0.5 LB)

13. Dashang Guggul Indications: Gugglu is a resin from the trunk of the Commiphora mukul tree. In this preparation the resin - guggul - is mixed  with the other herbs. This formulation is effective in vata, kapha disorders. It is also used for obesity, Ama disorders, pain with swelling, joint pains and improves the  basic metabolic rate. $12.00 (120 tabs)


Dhanya Panchak


Indications: Its kapha vata shamak, nervine tonic, appetizer, digestive, can be used in bleeding disorder, cough, diuretic, anti-pyretic.


(120 tabs)

15. Dashmool Ghana tabs  Indications: Dash means ten and Moola means roots. Dashamoola is, therafore.  a group of ten roots. It is a combination of laghu pancha moola (roots from small plants ) and vrihata pancha moola (roots from large trees).The action of these roots  balances the three Dosha in the body. More specifically, this formulation is used for vata, kapha disorders, like pain in body,  numbness, stiffness, Ama disorders etc. $16.00 (120 tabs)

16. Dhatri Lauha tabs Indications: It is very good for peptic ulcer syndrome, pain in abdomen, hyper acidity, anemia and Pitta imbalances. It is also useful as a regular supplement after  the first trimester of pregnancy and lactating mothers. $15.95 (120 tabs)

17. Gandhak Rasayana Indications: Gandhak rasayana is a formulation in which Gandhak is fortified with herbs. This is a special preparation where the mixing process is repeated many times over a six month period in order to make the “Rasayana” - to improve the immune system and longevity. It is a good remedy for all type skin diseases, like Kustha (leprosy), Urticaria, Boils, Eczema, Acne, blood impurities, etc and a good rasayana. $15.95 (120 tabs)

18. Gokshuradi Guggul Gokshuradi Guggulu is a traditional Ayurvedic compound used to support the proper function of the genitourinary tract. It strengthens and tones the kidneys, Gall bladder and urethra as well as the reproductive system. $18.95 (120 caps.)

19. Hair Care   $29.95 (120 caps.)

20. Haritaki vati It is used extensively in infectious diseases such as chronic ulcers, leucorrhoea, pyorrhea and fungal infections of the skin. Short term clinical trials have been carried out on patients suffering from moderate constipation. Haritaki increases the frequency of stools and contains properties which aid the complete  evacuation of the the bowels. $13.95 (120 tabs)

21. Hingvadi tablet

Indications: It is useful in Distension of abdomen, eructation, loss of appetite,
appetizer, common cough,carminative.              

$8.95 (120 tabs)

22. Jyotishmati capsule Indications: It is   expectorant, brain and liver tonic, cure joint-pains, paralysis and weakness. Oil stomachic, tonic, good for cough and asthma; used in leprosy, cures headache and leucoderma. $42.00 (120 tabs)

23. Kaishore Gugglu Indications: Useful in Gout, Ulcer, Skin diseases, Oedema, Abdominal enlargements, Anemia, Anomalies of the urinary track. $15.95 (120 tabs)

24. Kapur Hingu Vati Indications : It acts as an appetizer. It acts on productive cough & effective in sore throat. $13.95 (120 tabs)

25. Kanchnar Gugglu

Indications: Its clear swelling in neck and goiter, use ful in tumors or in glandular
emlargement, flush the lymphatic system of toxins.

$15.95 (120 tabs)

26. Kutaj Ghana Vati Indications: It is Tridosh har, appetizer, digestive, anti-pyretic, effective in Diarrhoea and Dysentery. $20.95 (120 tabs)

27. Laghushuteshekhar Indications: - It is a carminative, used in general debility, dyspepsia, respiratory
tract infection, and weakness due to fever.
$20.95 (120 tabs)

28. Lekhaniya Tablets Indications :  Its tridosh shamak, appetizer, digestive and helps in optimizing the metabolic system of the body. $15.85 (120 tabs)

29. Manjisthadi Ghana Indications: Manjistha is probably the best blood-purifying herb in Ayurveda. It cools and detoxifies the blood, dissolves obstructions in blood flow, and removes stagnant blood. It has a healing action, thus helpful in erosions of gums and bleeding gums. $14.95 (120 tabs)

30. Mansyadi Ghan Indications: It is Tridosh shamak, brain tonic, nourishing properties can use in,
insomnia, stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.
$15.95 (120 tabs)

31. Nigella capsules Indications: Used as a diuretic to relieve ascites - fluid in abdominal cavity - for coughs, eye-sores, hydrophobia, jaundice, paralysis, piles and tertian fever. $15.00 (60 caps)

32. Ojas Tabs    Indications: It regulates blood circulation, tonic, nourishes the senses, anti-oxidant, reduce cholesterol, aphrodisiac and is rejuvenative. $19.95 (120 tab)

33. Panchatikta Guggul Tablets Indications : A ghee-based pure herbal preparation for Skin Allergy. $15.95 (120 tabs)

34. Pathyadi Ghana Indications: It is kapha-vata shamak, nervine tonic, appetizer, anti-Spasmodic, effective in headaches, allergies and is a blood purifier. $20.95 (120 tabs)

35. Phaltrikadi Tablets Indications: Its tridosh shamak, kapha-pita shoddak, appetizer, anti-helminthic, hepato protective,cardio tonic,rakatavaha srotogami, anti-inflammatory, skin infection, and effective in liver disorders. $15.85 (120 tabs)

36. Pittantak Capsule   $12.95  (60 caps)

37. Punarnava vati Indications:   Abdominal Pain, Anemia, Anthelmintic, Anti-inflammatory, Ascites, Asthma, Blood Purifier, Calculi, Cancer (abdominal), Cataract, Childbirth, Cholera, Cough, Debility, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Edema, Emetic, Expectorant, Eye, Fever, Food, Gonorrhea, Guinea Worms, Heart Disease, Heart Ailments, Hemorrhages (childbirth) Hemorrhages (thoracic) Hemorrhoids, Hepatoprotective, Inflammation (internal), Jaundice, Lactagogue, Liver, Menstrual, Ophthalmic, Renal, Rheumatism, Spleen (enlarged), Weakness. $12.00 (120 tabs)

38. Pure Gugglu tablet Indications: The classical medical texts prescribe Guggul - resin from the Commiphora mukul tree - for the treatment of medoroga- obesity - a disease that closely resembles the symptoms of high cholesterol and hardening of the arteries. Indian scientists subsequently tested animals and found that Guggul lowered both cholesterol levels and protected against the development of hardening of the arteries $13.95 (120 tabs)

39. Prabhakar Vati Indication: Helps in all kind of cardiac problem. $17.85 (120 tabs)

40. Praval Kamdudha capsule   $19.95      (60 caps)

41. RajahPravartini Vati Indications : Helps in delayed menstruation, balances menstrual cycle. $12.95 (120 tabs)

42. Sanjivani Tabs

Indications: As the name suggests, this formulation  works in so many ailments. Mainly it is being used for Vata and Kapha disorders. It works as a catalytic agent for the optimum impact of other herbs if taken together  with those herbs. More specifically, it is used for neurological ailments, tinnitus, hearing impairment, chronic pulmonary disorders, chronic disorders of digestive system including indigestion, lack of appetite, chronic constipation, mal-absorption syndrome etc.

$7.99 (120 tabs)

43. Saraswat  Vati Indication: Helps support brain function, liver health also mood stablizer and brain tonic.Helps in mental well being.


(120 tabs)

44. Shankha vati Indication: Useful in hyperchlorhydria, sprue, colic, and hepato - splenomegaly. It is well known for its antacid and digestive properties. $20.95 (120 tabs)

45. Shallaki capsule Indications : Useful in Pain relief $19.95 (60 caps)

46. Sanshamani Vati Indication: Useful for acidity and fever $14.95 (120 tabs)

47. Sunthi Guggul

Indication: It is carminative, stimulant to GIT, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, helps in indigestion, appetizer, rheumatoid arthritis, joint aches and pains.

$11.95 (120 tabs)

48. Saptamrit Lauh Capsule Indication: Promotes eyesight. Encourages neuromuscular relaxation. Promotes healthy sleep. Maintains healthy cerebral function. $31.95 (120 tabs)

49. Sinhanada guggul   $16.95 (120 tabs)

50. Triphala Guggul Indication: Useful in Sinusitis, Fistula and Piles. $15.95 (120 tabs)

51. Vasadi Vati Indications : Useful for cold and cough $12.95 (120 tabs)

52. Vatsakadi Tabs Indications :It is Tridosh har, appetizer, digestive, anti-pyretic, effective in IBS, inflammation of the intestines, Diarrhoea and Dysentery. $12.95 (120 tabs)

53. Vyoshadi Tablet Indications: Its kapha dosha shamak, appetizer, digestive, carminative, is a good mouth freshener relief cough, useful in chronic rhinitis, skin disorder, chronic fever and also effective in asthma. $14.30 (120 tabs)

54. Yastimadhu ghan Indications: This is useful for many respiratory disorders as well as coughs. Yastimadhu helps to increase the appetite by facilitating proper evacuation of stools. $11.00 (120 tabs)

55. Yograj Guggul Indication: Useful in Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, Gout and Sciatica. $16.95 (120 tabs)

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